Mezzmo 6.0

Stream your music and video to web browsers and UPnP- and DLNA-devices

Mezzom is a media server that can help you stream various types of contents. It supports practically all devices that can be connected to a network, such as home theaters, game consoles, tablets, media players, and smartphones. Besides, the tool also allows playing media in a web browser. The application has a very nice interface, and it helps you manage and share your files by creating a media library, which is enriched with additional information downloaded from online movie and TV show databases. A few simple steps are all it takes to start streaming contents: just select a file or a playlist, pick a target device, and start playing.

Luckily, Mezzmo supports a wide range of media file types, including video, audio, and pictures, as well as subtitle file formats. It’s nice that the tool can stream subtitles taken from external files, and not only that, it can “print” subtitles on the video in case the target device doesn’t support them. Besides, it can stream the same film to various devices. Another very convenient feature is that the tool supports on-the-fly transcoding which ensures each device receives information in a compatible format. For this purpose, you can create specific profiles for each device. However, it may happen that your computer isn’t powerful enough for such a demanding process. Fortunately, there’s also the possibility to transcode your files before actually streaming them.

All in all, Mezzmo is a very efficient and intuitive media server supporting multiple devices and formats. It’s also extremely flexible as to displaying subtitles. When tested, the tool worked just as it was expected. It was tried on various external devices without any problem whatsoever. Besides, it also allowed watching movies in a web browser from a remote computer.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It has a nice and intuitive interface
  • Its media library can be enriched with information from the Internet
  • It supports multiple formats
  • It allows both on-the-fly and previous transcoding
  • It has ample support of subtitles
  • It allows creating profiles for each device
  • It supports a long list of devices
  • It can stream contents to a web browser


  • It would be nice if it could search the Internet and download missing subtitles
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